Jordan McDowell – DJ/Emcee/Coordinator

Jordan McDowell

Jordan came to ATG as a self-taught DJ who got his start at age 13 when he discovered his passion for entertainment by watching other performers on many youtube channels. Shortly after that, his parents bought him a DJ setup and his career was born. He taught himself not only how to DJ and mix music, but also his true passion of making his own beats and mashups finally came to life.

Jordan’s first step into entertaining others professionally was when he started working at the YMCA as a camp counselor. He DJ’d dances for the kids and really learned how to engage with them. From there he went on to work at the US National Whitewater Center as a tour guide where he was able to work more on his MC and speaking abilities in front of different groups. That is when he finally made his way to ATG. He had learned a lot on his own but wanted to further his education by going through ATG’s extensive training program. Since doing that, Jordan has become one of ATG’s most popular and requested DJ’s and has the skills and finesse necessary to make any event memorable.

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