Jack Sumner – DJ/Emcee/Coordinator

Jack Sumner

Jack Sumner and ATG were a perfect match just waiting to happen. Jack is a local celebrity and is quickly expanding his fan base across the nation. Jack has been pursuing his own music career for a number of years. His two most recent projects, “BUILD: I Forgive Everyone But Myself” & “Making Plays” caught the attention of fans from Florida to Maine. Jack was also part of the group Pro Team, comprised of Trae Tay and Justyn Kennedy. As part of Pro Team, Jack opened for Juicy-J and Crime Mob. The group also collab’d with Crime Mob on a song called Ball Hard. Jack started the group while also playing on the varsity basketball team at Hampden-Sydney College in VA.

The musical background Jack has, gave him a huge advantage over a lot of other folks in the selection process of him acquiring a spot on the ATG Team. His attention to detail and overall charming personality have made him a huge hit with all of the Weddings he performs at.

Jack’s first loves were basketball and music. His passion for basketball plays a huge role in his creative process. He is currently a student at University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Jack combines stellar delivery, relatable topics, and exceptional lyricism . As of now, Jack continues to spread his mantra, “BUILD.” This means working towards being better at whatever you do, every day. It’s a mindset, attitude, and a way a life for Jack and his fans.

Jack’s project One Man’s trash is a collaborative effort with a production duo known as The Foundation. Columbia based Kendall Davis and Los Angeles based Evan Mathews put together some seriously innovative sounds and Jack took care of the rest. Keep a close eye on Jack as more and more people begin to hear his music.

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