Corporate Events

Let ATG enhance your next corporate event.

Find out how the ATG staff can bring FUN and EXCITEMENT to your next event. Whether it be a holiday party, convention, business presentation, or social event we can work with you to achieve your goals! We understand that picking the right company for your event can be very stressful. Your boss or co-workers will blame you if the event bombs, but they will praise you if the party is great. ATG will answer any questions that you may have, because we want YOU and YOUR EVENT to be very successful!

Available Services

Holiday Parties!
If you are planning an end of the year celebration for your company – our team of professionals can provide you with background music during dinner, a variety of classic and current hits with a DJ for the dancing portion of the evening, an MC to help with the timeline and flow of the evening, amazing light shows to add energy to the room, wireless mics to give speeches and present awards, props and prizes to increase interaction, and even team building games and activities.

Business Meetings, Conferences, Seminars, and Lunches
ATG can fulfill your audio and video needs through the week for sales presentations or promotional meetings. Mics and speakers for sound,  background music for in between sessions/seminars, video screens and/or TVs for visual presentations, countdown clocks to cue the presenter that their time is coming to a close, podiums for presenters to lay their notes on, extra monitors for your presenters to view their notes on digitally, digital registration, and a lot more.

Call to discuss your specific ideas and details.

Picnics, Social Events, Employee Appreciation Lunches
If you are looking for a through the year social function type of event, we can play appropriate music based on the preferences of your group. We have an extensive library of songs which allows us to please the old and young alike. We will be happy to discuss your needs and find out what you are looking for in the entertainment. We can play games with your guests and give out prizes, we can bring karaoke for everyone to sing and have fun with, or many other great party ideas. Let us know yours.

NEW – Digital Registration For Conferences
Tired of flipping through pages and pages of paper to check people in at your conference? Let ATG handle your check in process with Digital Registration. Name badges with bar codes will be used to scan your attendees in and out of sessions making check in time very fast and a breeze.