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One of the first questions that we usually receive when people give us a call is – “How much do you charge?”. The reason why we hear this question so much is NOT because they are basing their decision solely upon price, but it is that they are usually not educated with the correct questions to ask.

We want you to make an educated decision when hiring a DJ. 

— Would you call an art gallery and ask HOW MUCH their paintings were without knowing anything about what kind of paintings they had and who the artists were? Wouldn’t you want to know the differences and know which paintings were more valuable? Wouldn’t you need to know if their paintings were bigger or smaller than other galleries that you might be calling? Wouldn’t you want to know if the paintings were authentic or fakes?

— Would you call a restaurant and ask HOW MUCH it would be for you and a date to dine there without knowing if they were a fast food joint or a five star restaurant? Wouldn’t you want to know how long the wait would be to get seated? Wouldn’t you want to know if you needed to make reservations or if they even had availability? Wouldn’t you want to see reviews about the restaurant to make an informed decision?

— Would you call a used car lot and ask them HOW MUCH you could get a car for without knowing the history, make, and model of their cars? Wouldn’t you want to know what the car looks like and how it drives? Wouldn’t you want to know how the car does as far as gas mileage? Wouldn’t you want to know whether the car dealer will stand behind their sales and always be available to answer any of your questions? Wouldn’t YOU want to pick out a car that YOU like, not a car that the dealer wants to put you in?

We want to base our services on what YOU want!

If you want attention to detail and time spent with your MC to plan your party the right way, you get it . If you want to leave out the light show but add party props, you get it . If you want 6 hours of playing time instead of 4, you get it . There are many things that we can add or take away from your party that will influence the overall investment.

Let us know your vision for the event and what you would like us to accomplish. Bounce ideas off of us and ask us for our suggestions. Think about parties that you have been to (good or bad). What did you like about them? What didn’t you like about them? What could we do for you to make your party the BEST you have ever seen? When YOU have a good idea of what you expect, then the rest is easy!

We will not know the exact rate until we find out exactly what YOU want. Please give us a call, there is no obligation!

SURPRISE US when you call.

Don’t start out by just asking “How much do you charge?”. Instead, tell us a little about YOU and YOUR EVENT. We want to work with people that we are friends with. We need to connect with our clients and a great way to do that is to actually meet with you. Let us know when you are available and we can go from there.

We look forward to customizing an event for you soon!

What Others are saying

“ATG was above amazing at our wedding a few weeks ago! Jack was awesome to work with and our guests are still talking about how great the music was that night. They exceeded my expectations!”

Ashley S

“Zac did a great job for our daughter's wedding. We used ATG Entertainment for two of our daughter's weddings now, and there's a reason we keep returning! The dance floor was packed the entire reception!”

J Bailey

“We hired ATG for our wedding reception - best decision ever!! Brian, Jason, and the ATG team were very professional, quick to communicate, and as pumped up as we were about our big day!!”

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