Apply To Be A DJ / MC


ATG Entertainment is a Charlotte NC based entertainment & production company which hosts weddings, proms, and corporate events. ATG was founded in 2000 and provides audio/visual production, entertainment, multi media, DJ, and photo booth services


We are looking for charismatic, hip, well groomed, OUTGOING, dependable, fun individuals who love serving and entertaining others! If you are energetic and enthusiastic and know a lot about music – we want you.

Can you see yourself on the dance floor, holding a microphone, all guests eyes are on you while you introduce a wedding party into the room? How about getting everyone hyped up at a prom, right before you introduce the prom king and queen? Or would you find passion in working the crowd right before you bring the CEO of a company on stage to speak? If so, you could be a great fit for this position.


What this is not:

  • This is not a bar or club job where you only play the music and you never get on the mic
  • This is not a job where you will be breaking the hits and playing songs that have not charted yet.
  • This is not a job where you will do boring routine motions over and over.
  • This is not just a summer job or a job that you’ll keep just for a year


What this is:

  • You will be the person in charge, on the mic, directing all the formalities of the event.
  • You will be playing mass appeal songs that have made it to the top of the charts which everyone already loves and will want to hear time and time again.
  • Each week will bring different clients with different visions which will give you the opportunity to create amazing memories that they will cherish forever (all our 5 star reviews prove it).
  • As the MC you would be signed to a minimum 2 year agreement where you would just keep getting more and more events the longer you are with us. Many have even turned this into a long term career. Imagine doing what you love and helping create the happiest moments for people on a weekly basis for 5 – or even 10 – years!
  • If this sounds exciting – this is definitely for you.


We are looking for the next ROCK STAR IN CHARLOTTE? Is that you?


  • If you would be afraid to get on a stage and speak in front of 500 guests this is not for you. But if you carry confidence and can talk in front of a group without any problem, this could be your dream job!
  • Must have Saturday availability and a reliable vehicle with a valid license .
  • Must have a strong work ethic, willing to go over and above the call of duty
  • Must truly be OUTGOING and not afraid to be in front of others.
  • Must be able to interact positively with others.
  • Must have extreme attention to detail
  • Must be located within a 30 minute drive of Charlotte, NC
  • Must be EARLY to all events (being right on time or late doesn’t work in this business).



We provide all the training, equipment, and a great group of performers that you will learn from as well as a bunch of new friends .This will be the best paying part-time job that you ever had.We are truly looking for only the BEST people that can light up a room.

If you are interested in joining the team, click here to fill out your contact info.

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