What ATG Provides

ATG provides….

1. Your DJ will maintain a clean and well-groomed appearance at all times.

2. Your DJ will be dressed in formalwear for all weddings, corporate functions, and proms unless otherwise requested by the client.

3. Your DJ will arrive to all events 1-2 hours prior to the start time to begin setting up.

4. Your DJ will have equipment that is maintained in a clean, esthetically pleasing manner

5. Your DJ will be responsive to you and available for consultation before, during and after the event.

6. Your experience with us will be one in which any agreement that is entered into will be completed.

7. You will be assisted by us in any way possible to ensure a successful event.

8. You will meet in person or over the phone with us before your event to go over all of the details so that the show runs smoothly.

9. You will be able to relax knowing that we have access to backup equipment and personnel to handle emergency situations.

10. You will receive a written contract clearly stating all charges, services, products and other essential information.

11. You will be provided with a written cancellation policy.

12. Your DJ will cooperate with all service personnel incorporated with the event (photographer, videographer, wedding consultant, venue, etc.).

13. Your DJ will not use profanity on or off the microphone.

14. Your DJ will maintain a family-friendly show by only playing music that has edited lyrics and/or content.

15. Your DJ will not drink any alcohol during your event nor will they take smoke breaks.

16. Your DJ will maintain a professional, positive, and friendly attitude throughout the performance, regardless of any occurrences.

17. You will be protected with our liability insurance policy.

18. You will be informed of any changes in DJ, time, music or activities which may impact your expectations.

19. Your experience will be FUN, UNIQUE, and FRESH as we always stay up on the latest trends in the industry while we attend DJ conferences and training sessions, read DJ publications and network with other professional DJ colleagues.

20. You will notice professionalism in everything we do.

Contact ATG

Need help finding a DJ in Charlotte or a Photo Booth Rental in North Carolina? Do you have questions about a Wedding, Prom, or Corporate Event that you are planning?

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